Welcome to Lava Mountain Coffee

You support a cause, a dream and positive social change because at Lava Mountain Coffee, love flows.

Our Mission

Our brand’s mission is to source premium estate coffee, provide a unique coffee experience through our coffee and coffee bars and to create jobs and provide training for people with disabilities in a setting where they can be themselves and show the world their abilities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to live in a world where the emphasis falls on ability by creating thousands of jobs for people who are differently-abled. We aim to be a brand recognized for premium estate coffee, as well as our contribution to social change and advocacy.


Authentically Grown and Locally Roasted

Lava Mountain Coffee imports green beans from Colombia and locally roasts them in our hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Our beans are only roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

All of our products have a specific flavor profile that has been perfected by roasting our beans at the right temperature, roasting time, and spinning time. Our process ensures that only premium quality beans make it into your cup.